Company Profile

Huajun International Group Limited is a company the shares of which are listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 00377.HK). The Company, with over 50 years of history, can be traced back to New Island Printing Company Limited incorporated in 1968. On 19 April 1993, the Company was initially listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the name of New Island Printing Holdings Limited. During the past 50 years, the business of Huajun International Group has developed rapidly, transforming from the original internationally-acclaimed printing products and packaging business exported to Europe and the US to a professional investment holding company through expansion and restructuring.

In August 2014, Huajun International Limited, a company wholly-owned by Mr. MengGuangBao, acquired approximately 62.62% equity interests of the Company (then known as New Island Development Holdings Limited, and later changed its name to Huajun Holdings Limited). In July 2018, Huajun Holdings Limitedadopts the new name – Huajun International Group Limited.

Huajun International Group will uphold the core value of “Honourable people are not ostentatious; people of moral integrity are realistic”, always adheres to a market-oriented strategy, and commits to establishing a multi-level and echeloned layout under the notion of “State under Foot, World in Sight” by virtue of our great intelligence, powerful strength as well as elite management team with vast experience and always keeping abreast of time. Huajun International Group is a diversified multi-national group company adopting“One with Two” as its strategic development strategy and industry, finance and property as its core of development.

“Industry” has always been the core business of the Company. With the business branding of New Island Printing, we are able to explore upstream and downstream investment opportunities in industries such as printing, solar photovoltaic and energyso as to seize the strong development of environmental protection concepts, create a green future, and expand our investment horizon to leading enterprises in China and overseas.

“Finance” business mainly provides customers with various financial services, including finance leases, mortgage loans, securities investment and asset management. Leveraging on the extensive investment experience of the management, we conduct short-to-medium-term investments with idle funds of the Company to seek stable income with controlled risks, diversify operational risks, improve liquidity of assets and enhance the solvency of the enterprise.

“Property” business mainly includes land consolidation and development, real estate development and sales, property management and property investment. Taking advantage of the abundant domestic resources of the Company, we seek investment in projects with potential for assets appreciation to obtain stable returns while enjoying assets appreciation.

Huajun International Group will actively seek for excellent opportunities for further investment. With China as the main business area, we will establish a robust project distribution layout and actively explore overseas markets to identify suitable development opportunities. On the basis of balanced development of existing businesses, the Group will continue to explore other investment opportunities, hoping to bring more and better returns to the Group and create value for our shareholders.